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Conflict between teens and their parents is normal but when it becomes severe it can be very damaging for all involved.  Today's teens have significant issues and choices facing them and healthy communication between teens and parents is critical.


Mediation provides a safe, neutral environment where family members can talk to each other, explore the areas of disagreement and come up with solutions to which both sides can agree. Giving teens a voice in making decisions affecting their lives empowers them and acknowledges their need for greater autonomy in ways that is acceptable for their safety and workable for both teen and parent. 

"Our daughter was always very rebellious but then she started missing school and not coming home at night.  Our lives soon had become a nightmare and when we did see her we were constantly fighting with her.  We were seeing a  family therapist and she suggested that we try mediation as a way to come up with some boundaries and rules between our daughter and us.  We were astounded what the power of listening and conversation in the structured mediation environment had on being able to create a plan with our daughter that we all felt good about.  It isn't always peaceful and rules are renegotiated from time to time but we also know that if things break down again,  A Mediated Solution is just a call away."

Tamara P.

"Our mediation was a referral by the Juvenile Court. We had tried everything at this point and thought "why not".  Our son's probation officer had worked with this mediator often and felt that it had been very beneficial.  We are now firm believers in the process and continue to mediate with our son every couple months as a way to be able to move forward and set boundaries in a safe and supportive environment"

Peter R.

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