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Often couples divorce as adversaries, hiring separate attorneys to wrangle over assets and child custody/schedule issues.  The side-effects are high-legal costs, family dissension and stress that borders on trauma.

Increasingly couples are turning to divorce mediation as a more realistic and healthier alternative.  

Our mediators can keep your conversations productive and focused so you won't be fighting the same old battles but instead be moving towards making rational decisions that you both think are fair.  


You want to do everything possible to protect your access and relationship to your children but when you wage a court battle, you put your kids in the middle.  The premise of mediation is that the parents are partners in the decision-making process regarding what is in the children's best interest in the weeks, month, years to come. Our mediators can create a environment suited to help parents identify, clarify and come with an agreement on issues for the sake of their children.

After first spending thousands of dollars on attorneys' fees and not coming to any agreement on the division of our assets, a friend suggested mediation as something that had worked well for her divorce.  We made an appointment and after two mediation sessions we were able to come out with a signed property division agreement that satisfies both of our wants and needs. Furthermore, we now have much better communication and feel much better about out future ability to navigate new relationships.

Becky O.

We realized that we had let our anger and hurt get in the way of what was best for our children.  In mediation we were able to work through those negative emotions and focus on what was in our children's best interests.  It also helped us see how our poor communication and inability to have a working schedule was harmful to our kids.  We can't even imagine what a court battle would have done to their already confusing lives.  We are so thankful to have been referred by the Court and will not hesitate to return to mediation for future important parenting decisions.

Bill & Cathy C.

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