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Managing elder care can strain family relationships.  Communication is key and yet, several factors may work against effective communication.  

Mediation can help families sort out legal, medical, financial and care-giving decisions while preserving the family relationships and finances.  Our mediators provide a safe and confidential platform for family members to engage in constructive conversations about best care practices for their family member.  

"My sister was the one who proposed mediation when it was clear that our past family issues were blocking our ability to make reasonable decisions about my father's declining health. Through mediation we were able to come up with a care plan for my father and more, importantly, we were able to put our past resentments aside and pull together as a loving and caring support for our father."


William W.  

"We all knew that mom was getting forgetful but we had not idea of how bad things had gotten until we got a call from her local police saying that they had found her wandering the neighborhood disoriented and unable to find her home. Since the four of us lived in other cities and states we had to pull together quickly to come up with a plan.  We decided that the best way to come up with an agreement around mom's care was through mediating together.  We were able to have a mediation session via conference calling and were able to come out with an agreement for mom's care quickly and efficiently."

Susan L. 

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