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There is a reason for the adage that fences make good neighbors; living in close proximity can breed conflict of all kinds; landlord-tenant, neighbors, property boundaries, etc.  Sure there are legal remedies to these issues but for most of these situations the time and cost involved doesn't make good sense.  Mediation offers an easier solution. It works particularly well in situations where the parties have an ongoing relationship that will exist after the dispute; neighbors, for example.

"We had just moved to our dream home but soon realized that the next door neighbor had security lights all around her property and one of them shined right in our bedroom window.  After repeated unsuccessful attempts to speak with our neighbor about her lights, we decided  that mediation would be our best next-step to try and resolve this issue. Through their efforts speaking with our neighbor about the mediation process, our neighbor to agree to mediate with us.  It turns out that she had recently lost her husband was very scared alone in her house.  We offered to be "on call" if she was concerned about a prowler and she agreed to remove the light that shined in our bedroom.  It was a win-win solution and we become close friends out of the process. Mediation works!"

Liz R.

"Through mediation my tenants and I came to an agreement over some back rent that was due to me and work that I needed to do around the property. Mediation helped me not only get the back rent paid but prevented me from having to evict them.  On their end, I lowered the back rent due and allowed them to do the needed repair themselves. The mediation greatly improved our communication and I feel that I will have these tenants for years to come.

I would highly recommend A Mediated Solution for any landlord-tenant issues as a first step."

Robert V.

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