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A public lawsuit, years of aggravation and an ulcer to boot!  Small businesses may benefit tremendously from using mediation rather than litigation.  Small business owners are just as likely as a major corporations to run into conflict yet unlike corporations, small businesses often lack the legal departments and other resources to help them,  It is often overwhelming , if not devastating for the small business to come up with the money and expertise to cope with a dispute through litigation.  Mediation is a highly effective alternative to drawn-out, expensive lawsuits.   It also helps mitigate stress, assist in future business relationships and minimize reputational risk. 

"It was noticed by a senior manager that our accounting department had a sudden drop in efficiency and resentment seemed to permeate the office.  Our HR manager suggested that we hire a mediator to mediate with the group to see if they could work out their issues through the mediation process.  The mediator came to our offices and after a three hour session, the group came out with an agreement that defined each of their roles, established weekly meetings together and seemed to ease the bad feelings circulating around the office.  We decided that mediation would be a regular practice from now on as a first step when employee issues arise."

Ted W. 

"My business partner I were friends first then decided to go into business together.  We soon realized that we had a completely different vision for the business and the business was quickly in trouble due to our differences. Through mediation we came to the understanding that we could not be compatible partners in business and were able to make the decision to sell the business and move on. We also were able to draft an agreement that included a business property division, choose a broker to sell the business and decide on a price for the business.  This took one mediation session and less than two weeks time. I'm sure that mediating saved us tens of thousands of dollars, years of frustration as partners and preserved our friendship while our business went on to thrive with the new owner."

Louise B.

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